Refund Policy

Due to the fact food cannot be reused once prepared for a customer, refunds are not available to customers who simple decide they no longer want their order any more. Refunds will only be issued if there is a clear fault with your order.


Faults include:

  • Wrong item sent
  • Broken / damaged packaging which exposes food items.
  • Uncooked Food (unless purposefully stated otherwise)

Refunds will be refused if you ask for a refund based on:

  • Personal taste – i.e, dislike the taste of a food item which is otherwise perfectly fine.
  • Colour – Colour consistency of food items cannot be 100% consistent as many factors determine the end result
  • Size – Portion sizes are pre determined based on the quantity of people you are ordering for.
  • Changing your mind – Please be sure you would like to go ahead with the purchase.

In many cases, simply reaching out to us to clarify any questions you have will reduce the chance of any issues with your order.

Whilst we understand this policy may seem strict, please understand that we are a small business with costs and expenses like any other, cancelled orders not only waste our time, but cost us money and causes lots of unnecessary food waste.

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